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Generators water treatment, waste water, refuse Generators water treatment, waste water, refuse

water treatment

As water consumption doubles globally every 20 years, scarcity becomes an increasing concern, and individuals and municipalities are more focused than ever on using this resource wisely and efficiently for industrial, domestic and agricultural uses. That concern and new technologies are driving a rapid evolution in the reclamation and reuse of wastewater—and having a significant impact on the power systems needed to support water treatment plants. In addition, countries are increasingly using water desalinization to transform seawater and brackish water sources into clean drinking water.

While most citizens take clean water for granted, a power outage could quickly jeopardize this essential resource. Reliable backup systems are critical to keep pumps and other key equipment running and avoid potential consumer safety issues. Continuous power is also necessary to prevent flooding and discharge of untreated wastewater, which can lead to environmental issues and fines.

Generators water treatment, waste water, refuse